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We support digital transformation and efficiency in business

We provide women access to digital tools and software that help them solve everyday tasks in their business more efficiently. At the same time, we actively build a community that shares knowledge, experiences, and support.

We focus primarily on low-code and no-code solutions, enabling the creation of applications and process automation without the need for programming knowledge. In this way, we support female entrepreneurs on their path to digitization, allowing them more time for their families, loved ones, and themselves. Together, we create an environment where women inspire and support each other in their personal and professional growth.


Our mission is to provide women with the resources and knowledge necessary to leverage modern technologies so they can fully engage in the digital world without fear of technical barriers. We strive to create an environment where IT is understandable, accessible, and useful for women’s everyday business needs.

Our team

Alisa Mazepina


Anna Andrlová

Co-founder, digital stylist

Alena Teřlová

UI/UX designer

Olha Letka

Digital Intern

Klára Kučerová

Digital stylist

Marie Duchaňová

Digital organizer